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Our goal at Blue Ribbon LLC is to provide an assessment tool with a user friendly interface, superior flexibility and unparalleled variety of question types, to all schools and districts. Our engine offers schools an unlimited number of assessments per year, in any subject, using any skill list. Blue Ribbon offers an assessment solution for all district assessment needs.


Supporting scientifically research-based principals, Blue Ribbon is a powerful, efficient, user-friendly, affordable Web-based assessment engine, enabling users to diagnose, track and verify learning. Research shows that continually monitoring with short formative assessments provides the teacher with timely data to determine the level of understanding and growth.



  • Written to support the latest technologies¬† : Web 2.0, AJAX/JSON
  • All major browsers :
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • tablet browsers
  • Scalable architecture
  • Interactive question types :
    • dragging
    • short answer
    • shade-in
    • coordinate grid
    • bar graph
  • Multimedia ready : audio files, You Tube clips, Flash video
  • Complex math equations : complete latex library
  • Plug-ins for Text to Speech


  • Exporting of student data to your data warehouse solution
  • Multi-year history with longitudinal data
  • On-line and/or print on the fly
  • Customizable subjects and skill sets
  • Multiple question types
  • Short answer scoring with override
  • Scannable bubblesheets



  • Assessments in any grade, any subject area
  • Complete content authoring system
  • Upload your own images
  • Bundling of tests for side by side reporting for progress monitoring
  • Collaborative sharing capabilities