When computer resources are tight, try using the paper version with scanning.


Blue Ribbon has the ability to create customized plain paper bubble-sheets that correspond directly to our on-line tests. This bubble-sheet is bar-coded with the student and test information so the student only needs to bubble in his or her answers. This greatly reduces the time needed to start the testing process.

After the bubble sheets have been created, the sheets need to be scanned in and uploaded to make the data available. Blue Ribbon allows customers to scan and upload the forms themselves, or provides a service to scan and upload the sheets for them.

After the data has been scanned and uploaded, teachers are able to log in and see the same test results as if the students had taken the test online. Students are also able to log in and review their test to see the prescriptive feedback available and learn from their mistakes. Teachers can assign web lessons to students, or the program can direct students to skill specific websites for practice.

Contact Blue Ribbon at 203.609.0271 for more information on scanning.