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Any Subject, Any Skill, Any Length, Any Time, Anywhere


Flexibility: This engine is unrestrictive. Assess what you want to assess, when you want to assess it, in the way you want to assess it. Don’t limit yourself to just Math and ELA.  If the students are enrolled in the system, every teacher can use the engine to assess their students.

Multiple Question Types: Blue Ribbon boasts a superior arsenal of question types: the usual multiple choice, true/false, yes/no. In addition Blue Ribbon has bubble grids, fill-ins, fill-ins with an explanation, co-ordinate grids, bar graph, pictograph and Venn diagram creation questions, interactive measuring with rulers and protractors, drag and drop, shade-in AND short answer, computer scored with a teacher over-ride.

User-Friendly Content Authoring Tools: Editing tools allow you to create many of these more complex questions, creating your own personal item bank, from which custom quizzes can be created, shared and stored. What does this mean? This means that if you have have paper assessments, currently being hand scored, they can easily be imported into Blue Ribbon and administered on-line or on paper. Blue Ribbon generates a paper version of any test in the system together with pre-bar coded answer sheets for scanning.

Collaboration: Blue Ribbon’s tools allow schools and districts to work collaboratively on assessments. Once finalized, these can be shared, bundled together for side by side progress monitoring. Blue Ribbon will work with you to take your paper assessments, and move them forward into the digital world. Once online, assessments can easily be edited, and items replaced if necessary.