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A K-12 online assessment solution. Pre-made baseline assessments and item banks for custom quiz creation.


Blue Ribbon LLC has been providing Connecticut with a state specific product for the last 12 years. Since the release of the Common Core State Standards in 2011, Blue Ribbon has been transitioning to the new standards.

Our robust engine, which can create and deliver 24 different question types, provides baseline assessments, aligned to Common Core Standards, that can closely mirror the type of experience your students will have taking the high stakes tests.

Blue Ribbon’s goal is to provide schools and districts with a tool that can be used to introduce students to the kinds of questions that they may be required to tackle on the new assessments in 2015. As districts transition to the Common Core standards, and begin to change what is being taught in the classroom, teachers will be able to use Blue Ribbon for a baseline assessment at the beginning of the year, all year long in a formative way, to check understanding in the classroom following the material being taught, and as a  summative assessment at the end of the academic year to show growth.

Blue Ribbon provides:

  • Short, standards based mini quizzes used to check understanding once that skill has been taught in the classroom. These mini quizzes can be delivered on computer, tablets, or paper.
  • Longer benchmark style assessments, covering most of the priority standards at each grade level.
  • An item bank to quickly create custom quizzes following the exact skills being taught.
  • A genius tool that will automatically create a skill specific mini quiz based on performance in any of the assessments given. After scoring a test, students will be directed to on-line web resources to further practice skills not yet mastered.



Pre and Post Assessments K-12 Math

Pre and Post Assessments 2-12 ELA


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