Our product is designed specifically for those who do not use computers everyday. It is simple and intuitive.


productpics_01 Once a quiz is assigned to a student, the student completes the quiz online, or on paper. Our interface is extremely user friendly and colorful. The diversity in question types makes the experience fully interactive and engaging.
productpics_02 Turn your students into active learners. In review mode, students receive immediate feedback for both correct and incorrect responses, enabling them to learn from their mistakes. Students are able to retry, which encourages them to learn from their mistakes. Students can be assigned or directed to specific web lessons for further practice.
productpics_03 The quizzes can include many different question types. For example, students can be asked to create bar graphs, plot points on a grid, shade in fractional parts of a shape, or type an open-ended response. Once the student scores the quiz, they are directed to online practice materials, based on the results for that quiz.
productpics_02 Content includes math, language arts, writing and science.