A Customized Approach to Formative and Summative Assessment

Yes, that’s right! Every school and district is unique, so why accept a “one size fits all” approach?

  • Partner with us to create a customized approach for your district.

  • Assess your students using your formative and summative assessments.

  • Import items and tests to create meaningful¬†assessments following your district curricula.

  • Store, edit and deliver relevant assessments, in a timely manner, on-line or on paper.

  • Why limit yourself to just Math and ELA? Blue Ribbon supports all subjects and standards.

  • Easily export your data to your data warehousing solution.

Baseline Assessments Right Out Of The Box!

Not ready to create your own assessments? No problem! Blue Ribbon offers pre-made baseline assessments tied to Common Core Standards, for grades K-12. These assessments contain interactive question types mimicking those typically found on standardized tests.


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“Blue Ribbon now enables us to collect all sorts of district data, and has become an invaluable resource for specific areas of intervention”

CT Curriculum Director

“After looking at the various reports, teachers feel they know exactly who needs support and in which areas. They can effectively regroup within their classes or devote total class time to concepts not yet mastered.”

Principal, Connecticut

“…Blue Ribbon is a great tool that delivers results!”

Technology Integration Specialist